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PRP for Hair Fall Control / Hair Growth
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What is PRP?

PRP is abbreviation used for Platelet Rich Plasma.

Platelet Rich Plasma Therapy is a process where a patient’s blood is drawn, platelets are separated and concentrated through a process called centrifugation, and re-injected into desired areas of the body.

Why choose PRP?

Here are top 7️⃣ reasons to choose PRP therapy for hair loss.

men thinking reasons to choose prp therapy for hair loss

1️⃣ Next generation revolutionary treatment.

2️⃣ Less downtime. No admission required.

3️⃣ Less painful as compared to other hair loss treatments like PRP.

4️⃣ No harmful chemicals are used.

5️⃣ Ideal for individuals whose hair loss problems are at an early stage.

6️⃣ It is a non-surgical treatment.

7️⃣ It's safe as patient's own blood is used. 

What are the effects of PRP on hair?

Check out 8️⃣ different benefits of PRP on hair.

nourishing hair roots or follicle

1️⃣ Reduced hair fall

2️⃣ Rejuvenation of hair follicle

3️⃣ Improved hair thickness

4️⃣ Strengthened hair shaft

5️⃣ Increased hair volume

6️⃣ Stimulation of hair growth

7️⃣ Improves hair density

8️⃣ Decreases hair thinning


Thus PRP increases the hair volume by improving hair thickness and reducing hair fall.

How PRP treatment is done?

Just 3️⃣ steps and we're done ✔️.


Step 1️⃣. Collect Blood

blood collection

Step 2️⃣. Separation of PRP

  • Single Spin Method
  • Double Spin Method
  • Vivid Modified Method for optimum results

centrifugation of blood

Step 3️⃣. Inject into scalp

injecting prp over scalp skin

How much time is required for single PRP session?

Time required for a PRP session is approximately 60-90 minutes ⏱️.

How much gap will be there between two PRP sessions?

For hair treatment, ideal gap between two sessions is 30 days 🗓️.

What to expect after treatment?

A PRP treatment will consist of 6️⃣ sessions on average, done at gap of 1 month. 

Results usually start showing up after 3 sessions. 

Results vary from person to person.

Booster sessions can be done every 3-6 months as per need.

What will be the cost of PRP treatment?

Cost of PRP therapy 💵 depends on:

👉  Quality and cost and number of kits used to make PRP. (It's important because low quality non sterile kits can get your scalp infected)

👉 Quantity of PRP that needs to be prepared, which in turn depends on the degree of hair loss or baldness.

👉 Experience and expertise of the treating doctor.

So exact cost can only be determined after consultation with the dermatologist.

How PRP is different from GFC?
 Discovery Old treatment Latest therapy

 Prepared from

Own blood Own blood

 Final outcome  

Platelets with some unwanted cells Only high concentration of growth factors derived from platelet activation
 Consistency  Variable Consistent
 Results Variable  Optimum & takes less time

 Number of 



More Less
 Pain during   procedure Moderate Very less

 Risk of 


Less Less
When to go for PRP treatment?

Along with Medical treatment to treat the cause, PRP treatment can be taken in following conditions:

   1. For hair fall control, in patients having diffuse hair fall from scalp >100 hairs/day

  • More hairs seen in comb

excess hairs in comb

  • More hairs clogging bathtub

hairs clogging bathtub

  • More hairs seen over pillow

hairs over pillow

 2. For Hair regrowth in Androgenic Alopecia in males.

androgenic alopecia in males

   3. For Hair regrowth in Female Pattern Hair Loss.

female paxxxttern hair loss

4. After Hair Transplant

hair transplant

Just like to prevent crime, we need all the criminals to be caught. In the same way, we need 360holistic approach to treat & prevent hair fall or hair loss.

Your dermatologist will decide one or more treatment options depending on cause, hair type, degreeseverity of your hair fall or hair loss.

Your Hair Consultation will include
Vivid Skin Care Centre
Detailed hair consultation by M.D. Dermatologist
Detailed hair consultation by M.D. Dermatologist
Video Hair Tricoscopy Examination
Video Hair Tricoscopy Examination
Personalized Hair Treatment Plan Suiting your needs
Personalized Hair Treatment Plan Suiting your needs
Hair Care Instructions
Hair Care Instructions
Vivid Skin Care Centre
Using dermaroller, mesogun or insulin syringe, microholes are created over the scalp and platelet rich plasma is instilled into the deeper layers of scalp which stimulate the existing hair follicles and promote the new hair growth.
It is equally effective in both men and women and works best in patients with diffuse thinning and miniaturized hair.
Yes, it can be combined with hair transplant – pre-operatively, intra-operatively, or post-operatively. It not only helps in healthier and faster growth of transplanted hair, but also stimulates the existing thinning hair at the same time.
The pain is subjective and patient specific. Some people perceive it like hot massage and some find it unbearable. For sensitive individuals we suggest numbing gel or topical anaesthesia one hour prior to procedure which reduces the pain sensation considerably. Alternately nerve blocks can be given for better pain control.
PRP therapy is safe and natural because the procedure concentrates the cells from your own blood directly back into the area where it is needed. Hence is not rejected by your immune system and there are absolutely no chance of getting any infection, allergy or hypersensitivity. However one can get mild redness, bruising or headache which responds well to routine analgesics.
You can wash your hair after 12 hours with your routine shampoo.
The usual precaution is not to touch the scalp and no head-bath for 12 hours after the procedure.
Absolutely, it can be used in conjunction with other topical and oral medications. In fact, we encourage it and prescribe PRP therapy as a compliment to a non-surgical approach for those patients who are not eligible for surgery or who want to delay hair restoration surgery. We recommend PRP therapy along with Minoxidil and DHT blockers or for those patients who can’t tolerate or have side effects with these medications.
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